Good Stuff #3

Published on 2020-03-11

Been a while since I posted, and I figured a Good Stuff post should fit the bill.


I've recently fallen in love with F#1! It has a ton of things I really like in other functional languages like Elixir2, ReasonML3/OCaml3, and Haskell5, but it has an awesome interop story for .NET stuff. For example, the Godot game engine6 has mono support, but it's an imperative/object-oriented API. Luckily, though, you can write ~95% of your code in F#. With just a few clicks in your IDE you can get Godot's .NET API code completion while writing F# code and Godot can consume the things you made in F# to run in the engine. Awesome stuff!

Star Wars Tabletop RPG

I've recently started playing in a Star Wars TTRPG campaign! It's a once-a-month ordeal and I've only played once so far, but getting to be a PC this time around has been a blast! The mechanics of the system are also pretty neat compared to D&D 5e. The dice system, while a bit cumbersome, allows a lot more storytelling than just rolling a d20. Character backstory and experience spending is also much better, in my opinion, than 5e. I highly recommend picking up one of the core rulebooks (Edge of the Empire, Force and Destiny, and Age of Rebellion) and trying it out!


For maybe three or so years now I've been toying around with an idea. Essentially, it's like Discord, but a more async version that you would use alongside Discord for your gaming community. You get things like a forum, a calendar, a wiki, a blog, and a bunch of integrations to other services like Discord, Twitch, Mixer, etc. Think of it like Facebook Groups, but gaming focused. I recently have taken to just going through and start building it, so I'm pretty excited to see if I can actually launch this thing! You can follow along with development here: